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Virtual Church Secretary

  • Weekly worship bulletins    
  • Electronic communications 
  • Website Maintenance     
  • Brochures    


My Services

You answered God’s call to do … paperwork?

Not exactly.  I’d venture to say you did not go to seminary to learn the finer points of publishing a bulletin each week.  And I’m pretty sure your response to God’s call did not include discerning whether you should write a sermon or update the website.

You discerned, you learned, and put yourself through seminary. You now happily find yourself at a church that needs you as much as you need them, but find you don’t have the time to devote to your flock that you would like.

Virtual Church Secretary can give you that time back.  Just like my slogan, my mission is Giving Pastors Time to Minister.  It’s like having a church secretary, except I’m here, and you are there. 

Virtual Church Secretary supports pastors across denominations via technology and the web with the tedious administrative tasks that keep you from truly answering your call to ministry.