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Virtual Church Secretary

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My services are primarily for pastors whose appointments have budget restrictions and workloads that don’t justify even part time staff, yet you have duties that might eat up four hours or more of your day.  Let Virtual Church Secretary give you that time back.  No matching payroll taxes, no making space in the office, and no need to request parishioners for the donation of a used laptop.  Just the ability to access the internet and the skill to upload documents is all you need to work with Virtual Church Secretary.  

What’s My Calling?

My work experience is over 30 years in business administration in both the secular and the faith community.  I’m a devout Catholic who is a Certified Professional Church Secretary in the United Methodist Church (Really!) and have a BA in Organizational Leadership from St. Edward's University.   I love what I do and I humbly admit I’m good at it. My calling is to use my gifts and skills to help you answer yours.  And perhaps be an answer to YOUR prayers!


I can work with all denominations but am especially familiar with:

  • United Methodist Church
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
  • United Church of Christ
  • Presbyterian Church USA
  • The Episcopal Church

Help Me Help You

I can be reached via my Contact Page, e-mail me at or follow this link to a survey to help me find ways to help you.  Check out what I can provide via my Services Page.